About me

Introduction, short version

Magnus Renmyr, born in 1975. Lives 40 km northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. Family consists of fiance and three daughters born in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Works as a developer with system integrations at the IT department of an occupational pension company.

Photographic interest is primarily birds, but also other types of nature photography such as macro photography.

Introduction, long version

In the mid-80s, I started bird watching and was immediately hooked. Ever since then it has been my main interest, although the time and commitment that I have been able to put into it has varied widely over the years. After almost twenty years as a birdwatcher I bought a digital camera to start documenting my findings in 2003. At that time digiscoping was the trend, a digital camera mounted onto the eyepiece of the spotting scope. The results I gained was perhaps not that brilliant, birds in flight was not to think about.

After several years of digiscoping it was time to take the next step, a DSLR and a 300mm lens. It was like a whole new world of possibilities opened up! Photography was fun in itself and not just as a way to document the findings. After a few years an upgrade to the camera and a better lens, still 300mm but now a f/2.8, was a real improvement and all of a sudden it was possible to get photos with a more deliberate look to them.

At the same time I started reading a few books about wildlife photography in general and bird photography in particular. With the new knowledge and the better equipment I began to use the camera more and spotting scope less when birdwatching.

But life is not only about birdwatching and bird photography, job and family takes it fair amount of time as well. The freedom to use all of my spare time as I saw fit was not to last forever. The birth of my first first daughter in 2012 marked an abrupt change in priorities. With a second daughter in 2014 and finally a third in 2016 the week long stays on Öland with intense birdwatching and photographing has mostly been reduced to family vaccations with just a few hours of 'free' time. Even with a very understanding and supporting fiance the priorities had to change.

Birdwatching in summer

Birdwatching in summer

Summertime in Skåne, southern Sweden

On the bank of Kenai river

On the bank of Kenai river

On the way north from Homer during my 2009 trip to Alaska

Turning to the used market I was able to buy a pretty good macro lens to start experimenting with. It was a fascinating new world that opened up in front of the camera when the macro lens came to use. And macro photography has the great advantage that it can be done in my own garden without too much planning and preparations!

At first, the most fascinating aspect with macro photography was the possibility to get really close to various insects and see details that could not normally be seen with the naked eye. All of a sudden it was not enough to get a good photo in the field, to get enough depth of field learning techniques like focus stacking and spending a lot more time in front of the computer with developing the photos was necessary.

Beside the more technically demanding and time consuming macro photography of insects the macro lenses can be used for close-ups of flowers and details with interesting light and compositions. If nothing else it is an outlet for my creative needs.

Of course these days a lot of the photographic effort goes into documenting the family and more specifically the kids. But as opposed to birds and normal wildlife they are more demanding to photograph in the settings I would like since their next moving is always less predictable. Maybe the next challenge will be to learn portrait photography!

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